I’ve always enjoyed writing, but the thought of publishing written work for a college class that would then be judged and graded accordingly left me feeling dubious. Once it actually came down to creating this blog, I still couldn’t shake my skeptical attitude. Why should I spend my time writing blog posts and creating an online presence that I wasn’t even sure I wanted?

After completing our first assignment, I felt a little better. But when the time came to read these two articles, “The Web we Need to Give Students,” by Watters, and “Do I Own my Domain if You Grade it?” by Rikard, I felt a lot better. The prior article was very optimistic and broadcasted this method of giving students blogs as paramount. I didn’t agree with everything, but also couldn’t really complain. The latter was more my style. Firstly, it was written by a rising junior in college who himself had gone through this process; and secondly, it found some interesting ways to make this method more effective, such as giving assignments that reflect current topics and themes.

After learning that colleges and high schools all across the country were asking their students to create their own blogs and maintain them, I was forced to reckon with the fact that there must be reason to it. These blogs were touted as places where students could feel free to write, and have a section of the internet where they could be “intellectually productive.” Although I do not agree that students need an online place to write and feel free to think, training this generation to feel comfortable sharing opinions and ideas online and to be acquainted with this format is extremely important, as more and more of our lives are slowly being uploaded to the internet. I, as a student, have never felt that I didn’t have control over my written work, or felt that a blog was the only way to achieve that. But then again, I’m just one out of the masses. And who knows? I might even discover a passion for blog-writing that I never knew I had.

Author: Deborah Grieder

Green Meadow alumn 2017, Muhlenberg College 2021.

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